Band by Jackson Bates

Jackson B

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Last week I interview 2B band class to see what they thought of band. The atmosphere in the class was jolly and everyone was just having a great time. I take band and I also find the class really fun. Even if you’re not good at playing an instrument the class is still fun. In 2B band I asked them questions and I described what was going on while I was in the class.

I interviewed eight people in 2B band and all of them said it was really fun. When asked to describe band in one sentence, Lily said, “Band is my favorite class throughout my middle school years.” When asked the same question Christian said, “Band is a unique way to express yourself through music.” Ryan described band as “Really energetic, entertaining, and fun.” Anakin also said “Band is a very good and fun way to learn an instrument.” The overall consensus was the band was a really fun class and that it’s a great way to learn music.

I also took notes on what the class was doing and what decorations were in the band room. They were playing a piece named “Ocean Voyage” and it sounded really good. Everyone was having fun while playing and if they messed up they didn’t make a big deal about it. Mrs. Van Rossum really likes owls and you can tell in her decorating. There are owls everywhere in the band room and there is not a single place in the band room that doesn’t have an owl decoration!

Overall 2B band seems like a great and unique class. Everyone is having fun and the atmosphere is jolly. All the students enjoy in the class and no one is having a bad time. So, I would personally recommend everyone to take band at least once in their school years.

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