M.S.P (Musical Stage Production) By Rachel Beck

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The M.S.P cast group is putting together a show using children and an ocean type dad and they are looking for a new governor to watch the children they all named after a whistle, it reminded me about Nanny McPhee, the students enjoy the show and preforming part but some students get nervous more than others. I watch two groups practice and what I noticed was that the 1st group had more time talking than getting ready and practicing and, while I sat there all they did was talk and they slowly worked their way to the practicing part and only got about 5 minutes to practice before going on the stage. The 2nd group I saw got in and was on it less than a minute getting put together, and got about 30 minutes to practice and get to where I saw some nervous moments, a young lady had a part to sing and she got a little scared but she has done it before but still got nervous but the whole group told her, she can do it and that she will do just fine, she started singing and it was beautiful. After the practice was over I sat down with the young lady that was singing and asked her some questions I had. I started with do you like singing and preforming with the group you are in? She had said, “I loved it and it is a great way to make new friend.” Then I went to find more students and I found a group of girls and I asked them, do you enjoy working with these students and do y’all ever get nervous. They had explained that they are all friends and some have stage fright and needed more work on stage but still loved acting and enjoy the work they have done for the school and hope that they can become and great actor one day.

Most of the M.S.P cast have been working together for about 2 years working on different plays and they are all musicals and dancing they have ways to go, but I bet when high school hits they will have the best years if they chose the way to musicals. Students think that the idea of a musical is dumb or boring but others enjoy the work and master peace they put together and love the idea of preforming.

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