Observations of Mr. Howard’s 2B class by Abby Kirchmaier

Abby Kirchmaier

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Walking toward Mr. Howard’s room, I wondered what his Forensic Science class was working on. Doing an assignment from the textbook? Fingerprinting each other perhaps? When I entered the classroom, there was no one. The classroom was empty. I looked in the hallway and didn’t see anyone. Turning around, I saw Mr. Howard outside talking to a group of students with shoe boxes in hand. The weather was nice and there was a pile of sand and a shovel by a tree or average size. I decided to find out more. 

I approached Mr. Howard and inquired if I could interview some of his students along with Elizabeth, a fellow writer. The answer was yes. It turns out that they were making shoe imprints. How are they doing this? “We put a bunch of sand in a shoe box and made a slight dip in the sand. Right now, we’re stepping in the sand to make the shoe imprint. Next, we’re going to spray the sand with hair spray, so it stays. After that, we are going to pour a liquid mixture on top of the print and let it dry,” said Ceyda, a seventh grader in Mr. Howard’s 2B class. Asking what she thought of the class and Mr. Howard himself, she replied with a smile that “The teacher is very funny. He always says he’s going to learn us something.”  I then left her to her work and interviewed some other students. Their responses were similar, they all liked the class and Mr. Howard is very nice. Having received a good amount of feedback, I looked at my surroundings, jotted a few notes, and went to interview Mr. Howard. 

It caught my eye that Mr. Howard had a very good dynamic with his students; they all seemed focused and interested in what they were doing. When I asked Mr. Howard what he thought of his class, he responded, “I love my class. I would teach for free, but my wife won’t let me.” I also learned that he has been teaching for twenty-seven years and twelve of those years have been here at Tabb. 

I came back to Mr. Howard’s room to see what his room looked like, since I had been outside with Elizabeth two days earlier. His room number is 201 and he has over twenty-five posters in his room, including five tiger posters and a zombie poster. I noticed that he has a flying pig over his desk, fourteen lights, and 2 plants, one of which is a hanging plant. There was also a skeleton on the window and textbooks on the left wall by half-stacked chairs. 

I enjoyed interviewing Mr. Howard and his students. It was a good learning experience, and his class was fun to observe. I look forward to interviewing more teachers and their students in the future. 

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Observations of Mr. Howard’s 2B class by Abby Kirchmaier