The Office by Dominick Turner

Dominick Turner

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Today I interviewed my Mom, Mrs. Turner, who is a secretary at Tabb Middle School. I asked her some questions about her job and included some details of her workspace. My mother has been working at TMS for 5 years and she is looking forward to becoming a History teacher. She is currently an office clerk and also is currently working hard for her teaching degree so she can achieve her goal.

She likes her job and on a daily basis her job consists of answering phones, helps parents and students, makes copies, and overall she helps the school run smoothly. The hardest part of her job is time management. Time management is when you have to schedule all of the block schedules and lunch schedules for each class. You also have to calculate when everyone is here in the mornings and when the students leave.

Mrs. Turner doesn’t like when her desk is bland which is why she has many decorations and pictures of all sorts. So Mom, where in the world did you get all this stuff? I asked. “I have received it from other office co-workers because they didn’t have anymore space, and it’s cool stuff that you don’t normally see,” she replied. “That’s nice,” I replied. She told me her favorite part of her job was when she gets to eat lunch with her friends in the 6th grade staff lounge.

In the TMS front office, there is an awesome tiger mural on a huge piece of plastic. When parents enter the office, they have to sign in on the computer to pick up their child or drop them off. There are three desks inside. One is for Mrs. Turner, one is for Mrs. Krewinghaus, and for Ms. Owens.  There are some televisions set on the wall so they can  manage the halls with security cameras. Ms. Owens makes extra copies and makes notes for teachers and for the school, and has some cool decorations on her desk. She is also the secretary for Mrs. Young, our Principal.

The office is one of the most important rooms in a school. A school office manages practically everything in the school. It’s like a motor in a car, if it doesn’t have one, then it cannot function.

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