Mrs Aliff’s Sculpting and Design class by JT Pelofske

JT Pelofske, Writer

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Mrs. Aliff teaches two different art classes, one is drawing and painting and the other is sculpture and design. I had the privilege of being able to step in one of her sculpture and design classes, observe, and interview a couple people.

As I walked in, I noticed that they were working on a weaving project, and as they worked, the students talked among themselves about the buzz of the school. As I looked to the left, I saw that there were four sinks, mostly for washing paint brushes, or hands covered in chalk, pastels, glue… the works. And above was a poster hanging from the ceiling that reminded students how to properly clean brushes so nothing is left in them that may damage it, or make it difficult to work with.

There were nine tables, each had four seats, except for two, that had none, and were mostly used for supplies and stuff. Over each table hung a three sided folded piece of paper, on one side had a famous artist, and the other two sides were two of their most well-known pieces. At Mrs. Aliff’s desk were some wooden mannequins used for figure sketching. There were also two paintings there, one of them was a starry night by Vincent Van Gogh, and the other was a Georgia O’Keeffe painting of a house in the country.

The wall opposite from the entrance door had two big windows, and the door to the courtyard, the two windows made it easy to look out onto the trees and flowers by the pond, true beauty in the midst of a chaotic school.

As I snapped back into reality, I noticed a student who was sitting at the table closest to the door. I asked to interview him, and he accepted the offer. We walked out of the classroom, into the hall, where we then started the interview.

I started off simply by asking his name, he told me it was Jaden, and he was actually in both of Mrs. Aliff’s art classes.

I then asked him what he liked about the class. He told me he enjoyed being creative and creating things like characters and structures out of his mind. He said it was really fun and interesting to imagine stuff.

For my second question, I asked him what he’d done so far, he told me he had done a project where you make an illustration, and then you put coils around it. Another project he had done, but not finished was a drawing/painting of a character of his choice, he chose sonic the hedgehog, but took a lot of energy on the details, and ran out of time to finish painting.

After that, I asked him if he liked Mrs. Aliff’s teaching style. He said for the most part she’s really laid back and cool, but sometimes she will get really strict and kind of mean.

He mostly said that overall, he really likes the class, and it’s fun to be able to talk to his friends and enjoy himself for almost two hours.

Art class is a sanctuary for anyone who might just want calm in the midst of the storm, and a central for creativity of all kinds. It isn’t hard to enjoy art class with friends, and acquaintances alike. Just remember to bring a pencil, you are going to need it.

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