Is America Headed Towards Communism?

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There have been a lot of signs pointed at Obama and the U.S. that Communism is visible within the Capitalist system of the U.S. during Obama’s Presidency. The healthcare system in ObamaCare basically was showing direct contact towards Communism. And after certain aspects of how the current government works, there have been a lot of similarities to Socialism and Communism. So the question, is America headed towards Communism???

What Is Communism and Socialism?

Before we jump into this topic, we must understand what Communism and Socialism is. Communism is a system of government where everything is owned by state, and the abolition of private property is made. There is also equal outcome for the workers, along with a spread of equal outcome. This is also usually under a dictatorship. The system works as followed. If one person is in need, his fellow neighbor helps him out, as in return, he helps his fellow neighbor out according to each others needs. Sounds good right? Well, sadly this is only in theory. It has been used countless times in practice, but has failed. It has also lead to the deaths of millions of people. Some examples are the Soviet Union, and soon, Vietnam and Cuba. Now Socialism is better, but it still won’t work. Socialism also abolishes private property in a way, but instead of state owning it, all of the people own it. Everybody is supposed to earn equal outcome under this, and make the same. There is free college, healthcare, and education. Along with this, you have increased minimum wage and less work hours. Again, sounds good right? Well, Socialism’s greatest enemy is reality. In Capitalism, you work to earn what you get. That’s why your parents teach you to say “thank you”. In Socialism, since the government pays for roads, healthcare, education, and other things, it ruins the system, and teaches them to be more selfish. With everybody making the same, it can destroy your work hard mode. Such as you get paid still even when you have a week off. Now that we have an understanding, let’s look at how America adopting more socialist policies could lead to America embracing communism, and leading the fall of free speech and the country.

My take on Communism and other governments, and how to stop the spread of Communism in the U.S.

Obama Care is a form of Socialism and Communism

Obama Care is a very controversial topic at its limit. The basic idea of how it works is almost direct socialism. Did you know that in 2012, Obama gave a speech that said people are able to rely on their parents healthcare until age 26?!?! This is ridiculous! It promotes lazy work habits, and puts parents at a disadvantage, such as them not being able to retire earlier. That could mean parents might work as late as into there 60’s!! (Source – Prager U, Youtube) Also, due to ObamaCare, people have been treating health care as if it’s a right. It’s not a right, it’s a choice. You should have the choice when you’re older if you want to die there, or live a little longer. It also works by stripping money from hard-working people, and into the hands of the lazy! This is socialism and could lead to communism. Thankfully, Trump already replaced it. Not as well, but its no more. ObamaCare would have for sure pushed socialism and communism if it was here to stay.

Ways America is already Socialist

There has also been plenty of socialist ideas implanted into the system. This video explains 5 ways America is already embracing Socialism.

How Communism is being implemented from the inside out

There are many examples of how Socialism has taken over. Like how the weekend was never part of work. It was won by the U.S. Labor Movement, which carried a lot of socialists. The New Deal basically helped people get jobs back when they failed to maintain them. They are Unemployment insurance and Social Security. With these kinds of things going around, it leaves the government with a little power. They could potentially want more power. What gives you more power than what it is right now? Communism. Communism gives more power to government. Instead of all people owning something, it’s the state. And what has the state and government been doing? Making there own healthcare systems and more. It happened with ObamaCare. It is made by the government rather than the people. The people through capitalism should be doing this thing. Not the government. The government shouldn’t be making the products themselves and doing all the work. It should be run by the people who dedicate to it themselves in a capitalist system.

But there are also many types of governmental systems implanted in that support an idea of Communism, such as heavy progressive income tax. That’s the IRS. Government control of education, yeah we have that, and a whole lot more. This video goes more and more in detail with it.

Communism goes against the people

So with how there are more and more globalists popping up, there is going to be more hunger for power. Communism gives more power to the government to give into the labor force. But it has also been used for censorship and propaganda, as seen in China and North Korea. Capitalism and Democracy gives more to the people, allowing them to pick how they can run their country. Communism rejects the people and gives out to them how they please, such as North Korea. Kim Jong Un has been putting more money into his military and nukes, rather than feeding the people more. This shows that he can do as he pleases, with no riots, protests, or any rejection of any kind going against him.

Basically, my point is, we just have to stop implanting more socialist ideas, or we might end up like the map in this picture. We can’t allow communists or socialists to be elected, or it could ruin the path of this country. Hopefully, this doesn’t continue to go like this in the future.


Vincent Nelson, Newspaper Writer.


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Is America Headed Towards Communism?