Standardized Testing Sucks

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Standardized testing is the bane of every grade student in the U.S.  Nobody likes doing them, especially since they became nation wide. When George W. Bush passed the NCLB (No Child Left Behind) legislature, I’m sure he thought that the bill would help the U.S. school system. But due to underfunding, ridiculous standards, and a different approach on education, NCLB was a failure. Since it has been passed, the U.S. has dropped from 18th worldwide in math to 27th. This is a big difference. Because every child is different, testing all of them with the exact same test is actually hurting the next generation.


One of the most important issues that I have against standardized testing is the fact that it actually narrows the curriculum. By focusing on such narrow subjects, students might know how to graph an equation but not know how to find a job or cash a check. These tests make more students competitive. Knowing that the tests, not their school work, represent their skill in the eyes of the teacher, students are more likely to cheat on these tests.


Basically, standardized testing is bad.

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Standardized Testing Sucks