Betsy Ross and Me by April Cherry

April Cherry, Contributor

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Betsy Ross was one of the most influential American’s. She was the one who made the first American flag. Betsy Ross had curly brown hair and brown eyes like me. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the winter, while I born in Newport News, in the fall. I have one older brother. Betsy Ross was the eighth child out of seventeen children.

I’d probably describe myself as caring, friendly, mature, and reliable. Betsy Ross was loyal, caring, helpful, crafty, and trusted. Betsy Ross loved helping others. One of my accomplishments would have to be participating in a school play. One of Betsy Ross’ accomplishments was making the American flag. Her challenges faced in life would be that her first two husbands passed away. Also, some of her siblings died. My challenges faced in life is school work, deaths of people and deaths of animals.

My family and some friends influence me to do what’s right and be kind to one another. Betsy Ross’ parents influenced her. My goals and aspirations are to be famous (I don’t know what for yet) and to be involved in helping animals who need more care. Betsy Ross’ goals and aspirations were to help everyone and create the American flag.




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Betsy Ross and Me by April Cherry