Compare and Contrast by John S.

John Sikes, Contributor

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 Thomas Edison was born in February 11 1847 in Milan, Ohio and had three brothers and three sisters. He moved to Port Huror, Michigan and moved out on his own when he turned sixteen to start inventing things. He was home educated due to a learning disability and was often at home sparking his curiosity. He started experimenting with lights in 1879 and held his first successful test in October 22 1879 and lasted 13 hours. After that he kept improving his design and by November Fourth of that year he filed for a patent of the first electrical lamp a carbon filament or strip coiled and connected to platina contact wire but later discovered that carbonized bamboo lasted much longer and had a life of 1200 hours. In his free time he spent either reading or experimenting in his basement. He also enjoyed spending time with his family.

I was born in the winter of 2004 in San Diego, California and also moved away from my birth town at a young age and went to Virginia when I was 4. I started school in a private school and was made fun of a lot. I later on moved to a public school in Yorktown and now fit in well. In my free time I like to experiment with technology like Thomas Edison did and create music.  I also enjoy tinkering with machines like computers. I compare myself to Thomas Edison because we both enjoy art and also enjoy creating new things to help mankind.

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Compare and Contrast by John S.