Comparing Myself to Frank Lloyd Wright by Adrian Legarreta

Adrian Legarreta, Contributor

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One way or another we’re all connected. Whether it be a similarity in interests or in personality. Frank Lloyd Wright for instance was a man who lived a full life, he became an architect, his personality was persistent and creative, and he designed over 1000 buildings. Compared to me he seems like he’s done it all, but I’m yet to live life to its fullest.

Frank’s personality was described to be tolerant, persistent, and creative. He was a hard worker, putting a lot of effort into his designs. The main similarity we both have is our creative attributes. As for his tolerance I could only relate a little to that. He was considered a hard worker, working passed his usual limit.

Frank Lloyd Wright did have many accomplishments. He designed over 1000 buildings and even designed one in Tokyo which withstood an earthquake and was one of the few tall structures that survived it. He put all his effort into this building just like I do with all my work. He tries to add function to his design, he didn’t care if his designs looked blocky as long as it served its purpose.

He’s a hard worker, he puts as much effort as he can into his job, and accomplished a lot. Frank’s personality seems to be more or less the same as mine.

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Comparing Myself to Frank Lloyd Wright by Adrian Legarreta