Me & Charles Lindbergh by Cole Hurd

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Charles Augustus Lindbergh, a brother of three, and a world-class pilot who flew over the entire Atlantic Ocean. You’ve at least heard of his name and his accomplishments. Then, there’s me, Cole Hurd, a brother of two, and a 14 year old student who’s not known for anything. Oddly enough, we may be really similar in ways you wouldn’t expect, like our personalities.

For one, Charles Lindbergh was known for being stern but caring for his family. I’m usually polite and collected although, I can be firm at times. I stand at five foot eight inches, with a thin stature and long brown hair and similarly, Charles Lindbergh is six feet tall with short brown hair and a lean body. We’ve both gone through the difficult challenge of stress, on the contrary, Charles had the problem of a two year old kidnapped son, who was sadly killed.

While in the subject of contrast, Lindbergh was born in the 1900’s, while I was born in the 2000’s. I’ve lived all around most of the east coast of the U.S. On the other hand, He was scattered around the U.S., specifically, Michigan, Hawaii, and New Jersey. Charles Augustus also enjoyed stunts and flying, while I enjoy a multitude of things such as, drawing & writing, basketball, video games, and acting & directing. I haven’t accomplished anything other than reaching the 8th grade, however Charles performed multiple transatlantic flights and obtained a Medal of Honor. This is how both Charles Lindbergh and I are similar or unrelated.

The End.

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Me & Charles Lindbergh by Cole Hurd