Molly Pitcher and I by Samantha Vass

Samantha V., Contributer

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I was given a task to compare me and Miss Pitcher and I said, why not. I had to compare appearances, birthdays, siblings, where we lived, personality, interests, accomplishments, challenges faced in life, people who influenced her, and our goals. We are very different in some of these categories- most of them anyways.

Appearances & Personality

We do not look alike. Not at all, she has brownish black hair, and I red. Hers is a long hair usually in a bun or in her bonnet. Mine is short and always tried to be brushed (Hard when your brush goes missing!). Her eyes are a deep brown and my eyes are turquois that look blue or green at certain angles. When my head is down because I am sad, they look blue. When I am happy and looking higher than usual, there green. She is calm when under pressure and I am not. I crack under pressure. She is seen in a photo wearing a brick red dressed laced with white at the ends of her sleeves. She also is wearing loafers and long blackish stockings. I usually wear blue jeans with long sleeved shirts. My favorite one is a short-sleeved red shirt with an angry anime girl with the word Tsundere at the bottom. For those who don’t know *Cough* Anime non-lovers*Cough* a Tsundere is a person who hides all feelings except anger and disappointment. The shirt is what some people think of me. TOTALLY NOT TRUE just FYI. Any ways, she has a cool burning fire as a personality but I do not. Sure, I am fiery and calm (25% of the time) but as I said before, I crack under pressure.

Family & those who encourage us

Molly has one brother and her parents. I have eight siblings we all live separate though, well not all. Two of my brothers my family is fostering, well hoping to. Three of my family members are boys, Trenton: AKA, Trent, age about 17. Steven: AKA, Steve (Nickname I call him when he is not around) Age: about 16. Also, Nolan The youngest of them all Nolan: AKA, Meanie  Age: about 13-14 soon. Then sister time hip, hip hooray. The oldest is Julia otherwise known as Jewel. Her age is 15. Then Alyssa, she is having herself called AJ. She is 14. Then is I. I am Samantha otherwise known as, hundreds of things. Sam-I-am, Sam, Sammy, Thas-a-man, and my childhood nickname Manny. My age is 12 turning 13 soon after summer. Then out of the group, how it is now, is Audrina or Drina as we all call her. She is nine turning 10 after AJ turns 15, I 13, and Jewel 16. The other two are Karter (Luke) and Cason (Noah).Karter (Luke) is 2 years old and very demanding. If we get him, his nickname is Lu. Cason (Noah) is about 10 months old now but was born premature so his body is at the size and skill of a 7 month old. I call him sweet pea when we visit but you can call him No. That is my family! Molly Pitcher had two older brothers named Joseph, and Joshua, and a younger brother named Carl. The ages are unknown. We do not think she had nicknames for them. The people who encourage me are my parents, Mrs. K, Mrs. Morhiser, Mrs. Hitzeman, and Mrs. Diggs. They are all amazing. Molly Pitcher had her husband encouraging her on until he went MIA, Missing in Action. When he was wheeled away for passing out from wounds or fatigue Molly took control of the cannon and fired until dusk when Washington made her a noncommissioned officer. She was famous.

When we were born (Mine is no month) and where we lived

Molly Pitcher was born 1754 in Trenton, New Jersey. She grew up most of her life in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. I was born in Flintstone MI on the 24th of a mysterious month in 2005. After Drina was born (Her other nickname is A). We moved to Florida where we lived for almost seven years. We then moved to Biloxi Mississippi for 6 months. Then before when we lived in Florida, we moved around a bit so we lived in Texas for 1 month. However, we moved back fine since we were only visiting there not moving. We loved the home we had in Florida after we left the first time in FL we had to move to Union City MI. We moved back to FL after a year cense my step dad was deployed to Kuwait and we could not go with him. We moved to MI to be close to him. So I’ve lived in MI, FL, MS, TX, TN (When visiting my daddy) and that’s pretty much all. Molly Pitcher only moved city’s never states. She never left her state of Pennsylvania.

Interests accomplishments and Obstacles we’ve faced in life

I have many interests, reading, writing, typing, swimming, sleeping and obviously more. We all have interests, some more obvious than others. Like some people watch stuff like Dora the explorer, (I was very pained to type that), but hide the fact they love it. Anime fans, they don’t hide their love for anime. I like anime but I’m barely able to contain my excitement for anime when someone chooses to talk about an anime like Attack on Titan, The 7 deadly sins, Blue exorcist, pretty much any anime series on Netflix that is on there. Molly Pitcher’s hobbies include being a house cleaner for hire, house care, and reading. I believe that Molly Pitcher may have known Betsy Ross, but there were no answers for my Inquiring minds question, sadly. Furthermore, there you go! Molly Pitcher and I compared to each other that work is completed, Can I take a break?

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Molly Pitcher and I by Samantha Vass