Pocahontas Compared to Me by Sakura Greer

Sakura G., Contibutor

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Pocahontas was a girl who lived in 1596, around the time English colonist started visiting America. She was the one who saved John Smith and help promote peace between the English colonist and the Indians.

Fast forward to present time and there’s me. Someone who has great similarities to Pocahontas and at the same time large amounts of differences.

One difference is our appearance. Pocahontas has long black hair with dark skin and wore a selection of hide clothing. I as well have long hair but instead of black hair its dirty blonde. And instead of dark skin I have rather white skin and wear a variety of treading brands.

Between our two personalities’ they collide a little more. Like how we both are curious, adventures, and active. But one part of my personality varies largely from Pocahontas. Because I’m a huge dork!

Pocahontas was born in the Virginia region in 1596 while I was born in Nachodoges Texas in September. She lived in the Virginia region her whole life while I lived in Texas before recently I moved to Virginia. Her father was the leader of one of the Indians tribes while her mother remains unknown as well as the number of sibling she has. I have a mother and a father as well as two sisters.

Between the both of us our influences come from different people. While her influence comes from her tribe mine comes from my religion!

Pocahontas has a large accomplishment while mine shrivels beneath hers. She helped bring peace between the Indians and the English colonist. While my only accomplishment is finishing several video game.

Finally, Pocahontas’s goal was to come to more peoples benefit than her own because she wanted to help bring peace between the Indians and the English colonist. While my goal is to become a paleontologist.

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Pocahontas Compared to Me by Sakura Greer