Susan B. Anthony & Adeline Lawson by: Adeline Lawson

Adeline Lawson, Contributor

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Susan B. Anthony was a very inspirational woman, helping with the woman’s rights movement. On the other hand Adeline is very determined and has broken through some people closed minds saying that girls can’t play football. Adeline stands about five foot and two inches with brown hair and eyes, unlike Susan with black hair. Both people were born in the winter about 184 years from each other and Susan was born north of Adeline’s birthplace. Adeline Lawson has lived in Virginia all her life but Susan B. Anthony moved to a boarding school and then later moved to Rochester, NY to work as a teacher. Susan B. Anthony had seven siblings and Adeline only has one older brother. Adeline has many hobbies which some include her pet pig and playing football, Miss Anthony enjoyed helping other. Susan B. Anthony has many accomplishments witch most revolve around helping with woman’s rights, and Adeline says the thing she is most proud of is making the school football team and planning on playing through collage. Susan B. Anthony faced challenges such as people not believing that woman could not do the same thing as men. Adeline has some of the same challenges with being the only girl on the football team but for the most part Adeline has had a surprising large group of people that support her. Adeline looks up to Kody Kasey because he has to face many social and physical barriers with playing football on one leg, she also looks up to Shona the athletic trainer at Tabb high school because she is very persistent and nice, as well as her father because see likes watching him deal with the football players in a calm manner but still deals with the problem. Susan B. Anthony looked up to her father and people she worked with. Adeline wants to be a physical trainer and a football coach. Susan B. Anthony wanted to help people by earning those rights. Many things are the same in these lives and some events are different.

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Susan B. Anthony & Adeline Lawson by: Adeline Lawson