Why Ask by Colin Engler

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Ask not what your country can do for you; but what you can do for your country” well said one of the most famous quotes but one of the most tragic ends. John F. Kennedy and I (Colin Engler) are connected in many ways. One way he is dead and I’m dead inside, another way is we both have\had very large aspirations, and one day, I hope to do something great just like him.

Somebody asked me today why chose John Frederick Kennedy and I told them that he is my role model and to see the amazing things he did in his life. JFK was born on May/29/1917 in Brookline Massachusetts while I was born in February in Pyong-Chang, South Korea. The places we have lived in don’t really match up per say but that doesn’t mean we both weren’t destined for greatness, JFK only lived in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Washington D.C. while my list is very extensive I’ve lived In Ohio, Nebraska, California, Nevada, Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. now I’m getting ready to move to Hawaii and I really love it here in Virginia.

Resulting in my adventures I’ve discovered that JFK and I are very different; for example, he was the president and I’m just a kid at Tabb. The hardest thing I had to face was losing my x box privileges but JFK had to die, in his death, he made this country an amazing place, and I hope to one day follow in his foot steps

In conclusion, me and JFK are very different but at the same time very similar.

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Why Ask by Colin Engler