My Dream School by Taniya Love

Taniya Love

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My dream school wouldn’t be much different than the school I go to now. I don’t think school is that bad but there are a few things I would change. My dream school would consist of less strict dress code, be able to pick your classmates, and more technology.

The clothes that kids my age wear are much different than what most adults are used to. Though there are a few things that should be prohibited in school but others should be changed as well. Personally I don’t understand the link between 3-finger length shirt straps and 2 finger length ones. Yes, spaghetti straps are very thin and but what about the shirts that have a thin strap but connect to a short sleeve or a long sleeve. Also sometimes the rules are exaggerated by a lot, which causes some people to have a very limited supply of clothes that they can wear. “Essentially, students must wear a shirt, pants, dress, or skirt, and shoes, all of which do not pose a threat to another student or staff member. Everything else is fair game.”-Education week. This article shows evidence and cases where girls were dress coded for the littlest things. I think dress coding clothes that wouldn’t be appropriate even on the street is okay but small things like straps and leggings is outrageous. I feel that its discrimination to the girls with “different” bodies.

I think being able to pick your classmates would help students feel more comfortable. Sometimes you get put into a class where you have no friends that could be bad because you might not feel comfortable or enjoy the class. All students should feel comfortable in their class because you spend most of your time in class.

The building itself doesn’t have to be too much, but I prefer two stories for more classes. If the school has more than one level, they might be able to have more gyms, bigger lunch rooms, and bigger class rooms. Some classes need a little more space than others, take art for an example, in art you do stuff like painting still bodies and making big sculptures. that requires for a bigger space. Also if they have bigger classrooms then that can allow more students, especially the ones that aren’t provided an education somewhere else.

I believe that more technology in class would not only make it fun but also easier. The teachers would have auto-graded assignments so their teaching life is at least a little bit less stressful. Every student would have their own Chromebook to take home. In regular school kids that don’t have computers can’t do online assignments at home. Also I think that a majority tech class will make it more fun.” Integrating technology into the classroom is an effective way to connect with students of all learning styles”-Securedge. I agree to the quote some kids are hands on learners, visual learners, and some just get bored from a plain class room.

I interviewed two students about their dream school. Matthew ( an 8th grade student ) expressed his various ideas of the perfect school. “You can use your phone at lunch and you shouldn’t be yelled at for having it out during class.”- Matthew. I agree with Matthew, using your phone at lunch would make lunch more enjoyable. As long as  you aren’t doing any harm to other students. I also talked with Drew (another 8th grade student). drew had a basic idea of what a school should be like yet it was so fulfilling to hear what he had to say. “I wouldn’t allow cheating, and its a home school so the students be more comfortable. Also you meet with your teacher and class mate every three weeks for any extra activities, questions, and to get to know their classmates”- Drew. I love Drew’s idea of a school. It has every thing that a students would want. He also expressed how we should only have 2 assignments a day to relieve stress. Their views were much different from mine but i still agree with what they have. I think a combination of all the students idea would create a perfect school.

One day my needs for a perfect school will be satisfied but for now I can only dream. I am grateful to have such a nice school now but others aren’t as lucky. I hope every kid will have the opportunity to go to a nice school and get the education they deserve.

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