Dream School by Rosalyn Buljat

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My dream school would be where we had school for 3 hours a day and it was just

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the rest of the week off and we would be

Home and watching school from our TV’s and every other week we could lay in

Bed and lay on the couch and we would have 5 blocks so we can talk to my friends

The 5th block and then the building would be small and the kids would come in

Groups because the school is too small EX: groups A and C would come one week

And groups B and D would come the other and when group A and C are home

Groups B and D would be home I have this all worked out!

The rules will be pretty slim you have to have a back pack with you everywhere

You would go not to the bathroom and dress code would be you can wear

Everything you want as long and you are not showing too much and the phone

Rule you can go on it in the hall and you can go on it when you are finished with

work and you can go on it when you are on the bus and other things and if

teachers allowed you to go on it. You would also be allowed to use that

bathroom if you needed to just walk out but if you walk out and not tell the

teacher then you will be sent to the sitting room.

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