My Dream School by Ariyana Gillie

Ariyana Gillie, Writer

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School is very important, and if you’re going to spend a big portion of your life there then you should be comfortable. My school would be a private middle school with about 100-200 students. In order to get in you have to make an A average leading up to 6th grade. The structure of the building is very sleek and modern with many tones of grays and whites. The landscaping has lots of greenery including trees, grass, flowers, etc. In the front there will be a courtyard where students one block can study, catch up on work, and socialize. In the back of our school we will have a huge fruit and vegetable garden so our students can have fresh food.

I want my school to feel as homey as possible so the walls will be plain white with hardwood floors, long hallways, and huge classrooms. There will be three floors all floors being divided by grade level. The lockers will be a stainless steel material including stickers with the students’ name. The classrooms will be very spacious and the teachers will decorate them as they feel.

My school will be strictly targeted towards people who want to start practicing their career, but they still get their requirements for the state. I most definitely would find a way to get these kids the schooling they need and send them straight off to the work force. We would have career clusters for those who don’t know what they want to be. There will also be classes for those know exactly want they want to be. Of course they will have their regular classes Math, English, Science, and History. There will be some after school amenities including pool, tutoring, clubs, etc.

The schedule will be pretty straight forward it’s going to be an A-B day schedule. On A days they will do their core classes and on B days they will do career training. There will be one block where the students have a choice to either eat or study/do homework in the courtyard. The rules are quite simple follow directions and you’ll be rewarded.


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