My Perfect Dream School By Drew Colen Jr.

Drew Colen Jr.

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What would my dream school look like? Home school online that’s what it would be, doing your assignments and the rest is free time. It would be all through Monday through Friday of course and we get extended holidays.

The school year would start the same day and end 1 week after the normal last day. You would be able to do your assignments whenever you want as long as you turn it in by the end of the day. There would be 1 to 2 assignments a day. There would be a quiz every week and a test every two week on what you learned that unit with a parent there watching them to make sure they don’t cheat. You would have an online line teacher who would meet with you and your classmates every three weeks after the unit to talk about your next unit. There would be online talk sessions like a discord where everyone could talk with their teacher and each other and have online discussion about the topic.

For the teachers they would have their own office building where they can post the notes, online class works, and quizzes. There would be small rooms in the office building for when the teachers meet up with their students every three weeks.

There wouldn’t be a lot of rules. The only rules would be turn your assignment on time, no cheating, and follow the directions.

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