My Perfect School by Liberty Long

Liberty Long, Writer

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Have you ever thought about things you hate and love about your school? Ever tried to plan the perfect school for you? Here is what I would like my school to be like.

My dream school will be virtual. So you can do the work at home. There will be a website you go to. Your parents must sign you up. If you’ve been to a public school, then they need to provide all your information from you school. They will look over all your school work and grades. They will see if you are fit for their program. If you made it in the school, then your parents will receive a phone call and an email. The phone call will be one of the owners of the program, telling your parents about the school, how it all works, and answering any questions you or your parents have.

Once you get the phone call, the email will be sent to you. The email will have a list of your teacher’s names, and numbers, a summary of what they tell you on the phone, and a code. You then have to log into the website. There will be a button that says “classes” that you will click. It will ask for a code. You type the code into that box and you are ready to pick your classes. You must have 5 core classes, math, English, history, science, and P.E. They will already have their recommendations for what your core classes should be, after they analyzed all your schoolwork and grades, but of course you can still pick what level of class you are in. When you are all set and ready to start learning, you will log in daily. Every day you will go to your “classes” folder. You pick the subject you want to start first. Your teacher will have links to videos explaining what you’re learning, and online worksheets. They will have website you can go on like IXL. If you have any questions, then in the email you were sent you were given all your teacher’s numbers. These numbers are connected to their work phones, and the texts are modified by the owners of the program. For gym, since you cannot be watched by a teacher to make sure you are getting a healthy amount of exercise, they will have assignments like “Make a video of 5 dances”. In gym you will also have to learn health.

They would not be many rules for this school. You just have to turn in your work on time. If you turn your work in very late numerous times, then you may end up getting kicked out.

That is how I would want my school to be.

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