My Perfect School by Skylar McCauley

Skylar McCauley, Journalist

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Many would think the perfect school would one without rules; one without assessments; or one without homework. While there could be thousands upon thousands of ideas for the perfect school, here’s my vision for the perfect school.

Firstly, my vision for the perfect school would switch to four-day school weeks. Some Colorado school districts have switched to four-day weeks to cut down on food, transportation, and utility costs. Colorado School District 27J even saves $1 million dollars every year. This would make the school more cost efficient and allow the district to allocate more money towards things such as technology and classroom supplies. The four-day school week would also give students more time to work on out-of-class assignments and spend more time with friends and family.

Secondly, the school would be heavily based around using technology. Each student would be issued a contracted Chromebook in which they’d be allowed to use outside of school and during class, when permitted. With the use of cloud-based computers, the school would also require always-online routers and repeaters along with battery backup in case of a power outage. Cameras would be active keeping watch in and around the school for increased security.

This school would also be heavily focused on education with classes from Information Technology to Theatre and Acting. The school day would last from 0830 to 1500. With the weeks being reduced to four days, students with only attend each of their eight classes twice a week. Students would attend their A classes Monday & Wednesday and their B classes Tuesday & Thursday. Classes would be about an hour long. There would be three lunch periods, each lasting about 45 minutes. Students would also be allowed a 45-minute long free period where they could go to the library, computer lab, pool, or participate in other activities outside. These activities would include, but not limited to, sports like football and soccer, light jogging, or just walking and talking with your friends.

School rules would be lenient and flexible and cater to the students’ needs. Students should have motivation to attend school everyday and not just due to the fact that it’s a requirement. All-in-all, I think my vision of the perfect school would be welcome to kids of all backgrounds and interests. It would be even greater is schools today could adopt some of these visions.

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