Perfect School by Elizabeth Dinh

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Would you drop out your current school to go to the perfect school? This school is every kid’s dream. Less hours, shorter days, adding recess to your school hours, more time to eat lunch, taking fun classes that your current school doesn’t have, and less rules that you have to follow.

The perfect school would be a huge building where there are elevators and stairs, a safe security system, an extreme playground outside for the bigger kids, classrooms that are twice the size of a regular classroom. For lunch, you can have your own private chef if you pay monthly, or you can get healthy fast foods like Chick Fil A, Subway, or Chipotle in the lunch line. The lunch hours will be an additional thirty minutes to your normal lunch time.

The school hours would be five hours instead of seven hours, students will take five classes each day for an hour each. For electives, you can change up your elective whenever, if you don’t enjoy the class. The perfect school rules are very flexible as long as things don’t get crazy or out of hand. Though, the rules are, no disrespecting adults, be in class on time, be kind to one another, and obey the rules.

The cool classes you can take are cosmetology class, swimming lessons, drama, choir, art, and cooking. There are fun activities after school for each class, staying after school is optional, but, it’s recommended because all students stay after school and seem to enjoy the activities. Each day you stay after school there will be a ticket that you will receive and by the end of each month, you get a prize.

The perfect school seems to sound like a joke but once you come, you might not want to go back to your current school. So come to the perfect school so you can experience the best days of your life!

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