Perfect School by Jarren Tucker

Jarren Tucker, Writer

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There is no perfect school in the world, but the idea of a perfect school is very real. Many schools all over the world have their own flaws, such as bad teachers, classrooms, and food. However, the school I’m thinking of will not have any of those things. My school would be filled with great teachers, clean classrooms, and tasty food. The school should also have many activities for students to choose from.

First thing to be addressed when creating a school is the building and land. I want the school to be not too small, but also not too big. I want a medium sized, one story school and to not take up too much space, in order to have other things outside. The building should be made out of bricks to keep it solid and firm. Inside the building should be all of the classrooms. These classrooms should be well in size and be kept clean. What I mean by “kept clean” is they should be rid of any bugs and trash. There should also be plenty of bathrooms, and make them evenly spaced out. Bathrooms in a school should also be very clean and taken care of. The outside of the school I want to be filled with a football, baseball and soccer field. All three of the sports are very popular, so it will be no problem in getting students to use them often. I also want a blacktop with a few basketball nets. These can be used during P.E. related activities.

Rules are one thing every school should have. The rules should be pretty obvious and I think they can be the same as the York County School Division’s school policies. However, I do have a few changes I’d like to make about the YCSD rules. For one, I think phones should be allowed at lunch. They have to stay in the cafeteria until lunch is over anyways. On the topic with lunch, I would change up the food and snacks they serve. I think the students should vote on the snacks they want every two months. This phone rule should only be allowed in the cafeteria during lunch. My other change would be about the late bell. I think the time should be four and a half minutes rather than four. I also think students of teachers who release late should not be counted tardy if late.

The next thing I would like to have is a bunch of classes, electives, and activities. I want the classes to be enjoyable, and be taught well. English, math, science, history and P.E. would be all the core classes provided to the students at my school. For the activities and electives, I want to have fun things for the students to choose from. A drama and art class would be very popular with the students who want to be creative and have fun. Sports would be a good addiction to people who enjoy physical activity and want to pursue a specific sport even more. The electives here I would also like to have taught at my school, along with a few others. I have a few ideas for elective classes. One of them is a movie making class, which seems very fun. Another elective idea I have is a construction class, like woodshop for middle school students. These activities would ensure all the students at the school will have a lot of fun.

Growing students should all have a good lunch to fuel them up, which is why at my school there will be plenty of healthy and tasty food. I would also lower the prices on food as well. Speaking of the cafeteria, at my perfect school I would allow phones at lunch. I would also permit students to leave lunch early to go back to class, once done with their meal. Another thing I would change is to not make students get food they do not want. As long as they pay for their food, they should be able to get whatever they want. As for the seats, they aren’t too big of a deal. However, I would merge the table all in one big column, rather than split up. Doing this would more students to sit with their own friend groups. The tables at my school last year were like this, but this year they are different. The final thing I would change about lunchtime is the option to skip out on lunch. I know some students can just sit there without food and not eat, but they should be able to stay in class, if they didn’t want to eat.

Onto the foundation of a school year, the schedule. I think the students should be able to choose their own schedule, and be able to submit it to the school. The way I would like this to work is similar to how the electives work. Choosing a class as your number one choice and the others and second, third, and fourth. Though the students may not get the exact schedule they want, they can guarantee a spot in the class they want the most. I think this is a great system, and the students will love the fact that they can grab a spot in a certain class, with certain people.

The final thing to do is to interview two students. I asked two students the following two questions: How would you change your own school? What should be added in my perfect school? The two students I interviewed are currently enrolled at Tabb Middle School. Their names are Jack and Matthew. Jack’s response to what he would change to the school were, “I would want students to be able to use phones during lunch.”

I agree with this, as I stated it in a previous paragraph. His next response was to what should be added in my perfect school was, “Better cafeteria food.”

This is another statement I agree with, as I also added into my cafeteria paragraph. Matthew’s response to my first question was, “I would shorten the day, add more electives and alter the school building a bit.”

I’ve also stated for more electives, which is something I would really like. Though, I do disagree with shortening the school day and altering the building. I think the school day shouldn’t be shortened because students still need their education, and I think the time for school is reasonable enough where it is. I also disagree with altering the building. Doing this would take time, and it would include some cutting off of the school. The interviews was very helpful in seeing the problems that need addressing.

Creating a perfect school is not easy, however, these are my ideas of what a perfect school would look like on paper. I’m sure if this were a real school all the students attending would enjoy it very much. I know if I went to this school, I would be very happy here.

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