Perfect School by JT Pelofske

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 The perfect school… perfect may be different for many people. For me, it would be an academic system based on the real world. You would have to take math and English, but you should be able to choose what you want to learn. Science and history should be electives, not required. When will you absolutely have to know every element in the periodic table unless you are going to be a chemist? Yeah, it’s great stuff, if you are going into that work field, but if you have absolutely no desire to do anything in science when you grow up, your time is being wasted in a pointless class when you could be learning how to do other things that will help everyone in their future as a functioning adult. The same with history, you should be able to choose your path in life, and most schools don’t support a lot of different paths of life. 

When you could be learning how to get a job in the real world and get money to support yourself, you are learning how King Henry killed his wives. Some people have a true passion for art, but when the school is having financial troubles, the music and arts program is the first to go. Instead of pursuing your passion, you are learning about what chemicals act as the best solvent for different kinds of minerals. People wonder why the depression and suicide rate is so high in young adults, when most of it is because schools aren’t preparing them for reality. As soon as someone graduates, they are thrown out into the real world they weren’t taught about. People aren’t seeing the fact that academics don’t include learning how to pay taxes, how to get an apartment, how to avoid dangerous situations on streets, how to raise a family, it is expected of parents to teach this stuff, but not everyone has the luxury of a good homelife where you are given decent examples on how a family should treat each other. 

How does a school, something that prides itself on making children into well-informed functioning adults, look over things that are essential for life in modern society? Where was the class on politics and voting, so students know what is going on in the world around them? What happened to “children are our future” when all you do is prepare them for failure? It’s sad that a thirteen-year-old kid understands the world better than full grown adults who are living in it. We will have no future if we go on like this. If something doesn’t change, we will soon realize that our generation has no idea how to live in the real world. 

Please, if anyone is reading this, heed my warning, if we don’t change our academic system now, something will go wrong, and nobody wants that. I want to grow up in a world where people know what they’re doing. It would be better for everyone, and better is good. 

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