The Perfect School By Jackson Bates

Jackson Bates

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The perfect school isn’t your average school. The school would only about making and editing videos. It would be a three day week with school going from 8 o’clock to 4 o ‘clock and the only homework was to make a video.

At this school each week has the same schedule. Monday is filming your video and get tips on how to perfect your film making. Wednesday, you edit your video and Friday is where you present your videos and receive feedback. Each day would have a three block schedule. Each class would be three hours long. 1st block is homeroom and in this class you’ll do most of the learning. Each week you’ll learn a new topic and homeroom is where you’ll be taught that new subject. 2nd block would be where (depending on which day it is) edit or film your video. 3rd block is where you’ll have lunch and either finish filming or get a head start on editing.

The only homework you’ll ever have is either making up work or finishing your video. This is another reason why we have a three day week is because editing takes a long time and the video has to be at least ten minutes long. When I’m editing videos I’m a perfectionist like all editors and on average each minute of the video takes me about thirty minutes to an hour to edit. That’s why I believe that a three day week is best for this type of school.

The rules aren’t that extreme. Don’t be racist, sexist, don’t bully people and don’t delete or edit other people’s videos unless otherwise stated or the student asks you to. This school would have a five strike system where if you get 5 warnings in less than a week you’ll either get an infraction or be suspended.

That would be my perfect school. From the schedule to the rules everything about this school I would consider perfect.

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