The Perfect School by Matthew Swanenburg

Matthew Swanenburg, Writer

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Something most children do is go to school. Five days a week, seven hours a day. If you are unhappy with just one aspect of school, then it can ruin your whole childhood experience. That is why it is important for school to be enjoyable and fun, while still having a high level education. Some things I would change are the classes offered, the rules, the schedule and even the building and teachers.

Before I get into my personal opinion, I wanted to share the thoughts of some of my peers. I asked the same two questions to two different people. I asked, “Are you content with the number of electives? If not, what would you add?” My friends Jarren and Jack responded with, “I would add a film making class.” and, “I am satisfied with the number of electives.” I then asked them to, “Describe your perfect school in two sentences.” Jarren answered in one sentence saying, “Students are free to be themselves, but not to be too loose.” and, “A place where students can feel safe, supported, and cared for. As long as the students are satisfied with their experience, the school is perfect.”

The two best things I would change are the teachers and schedule. Now I want to make known that I am not calling out any teachers here, and am rather talking about the importance of good teachers. If you have a teacher you hate, then it can make a subject or class unbearable. There is a class I have enjoyed in the past, but with the current setting of the class, it has kind of diminished the potential to enjoy the said class. I love most teachers here at Tabb, but it would be perfect if I loved and felt comfortable with every single teacher in the school. I would also love a change in schedule. I think that the start time of school really can affect the student’s ability to learn, especially in the morning. School should start at 8:30 and end at 2:30, which  would make school a good, six hour day. The 8:30 start time would give students more time to sleep, and the 2:30 end time would give the students a little extra time after school.  The time in between classes would be six minutes, and lunch would be forty-five minutes long, therefore making classes a little over an hour.

The next thing I would change are the classes that are offered. I think students should have the opportunity to cover live and real events for the school newspaper. For example, I think students should be able to review things like movies, books and music. I also think they should be able to cover school sporting events and things like concerts. I also think a more intense drama and musical theater program should be added, for kids who really want to do productions, rather than kids just picked for a class they might not want. The drama and musical theater class would still be randomly picked, but they should offer after school plays and musicals for dedicated performers. I also think there should be classes offered for students who would rather play guitar or piano than play in a band. Another class I would add would a movie and tv class, were students could write screen plays and review shows. I also think some of the electives at Tabb should still be offered, such as Criminal Justice, Forensics and Coding.

The final things I would alter are the rules and the school building. I think the school should have three small cafeterias, so the main one is not so crowded. I would also make Tabb two stories. Classes with room numbers starting with two could be on the top, and classes with room numbers starting with one would be on the bottom floor. Also the lockers would be much more spread out, and the hallways would be a little less narrow, to allow more free movement. Now onto the rules. I think Tabb has pretty good rules, and there is not too much I would change. The main thing I would change are the phone rules. I think students should be able to use their phones at lunch.

Tabb is a really great school but there is definitely some room for improvement. My perfect school would include some changes to things like the rules and schedules. The school I just described would be my dream school, and in my opinion, the perfect school.

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