Dream School by Makayla Wilson

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What makes a dream school? Many people would want their school to have no rules. They would love to be able to talk to their friends whenever they want, but how would you learn anything if the whole time everyone is distracted from their friends. My dream school is way different though. There is rules but not to strict, free time, and a lot of different choices of classes.

The school that I picture is very nice with advanced technology. There are iPads handed out to everyone to take home, use, and bring it back at the end of the school year. The outside of the school will be brick, and big because it is a two story building. Inside will be very organized with the front office in the front of the school, classes lined up on every outer wall, and there are five stair cases and one elevator. One of the stair cases will be in the auditorium to make it welcoming, and is one of the most used one.

Some main rules would be enforced like being respectful for example and listening when the teacher is talking. One rule that I don’t think should be on the list is the dress code. The dress code is pretty basic, but I would want it to allow people to be able to wear rip jeans that have holes above their knees, but not in area where it shouldn’t show.

Each student will get the option of taking any class they want. Like what type of language they are interested in for intense. Almost every language will be provided. All test and assignments will be online so people’s binders won’t be filled with useless papers that will be thrown away at some point. At least one class you will have with either a close friend or a best friend.

One other thing that would be added would be free time to hang out with your friends. You would be allowed to use your phones too. Many middle scholars hate that almost every school tells them they can’t go on their phones during class and at lunch.

All the classmates I interviewed had different impression to what their dream school looks like or rules are. Taniya said, “The rules will be like basic ones for example no bullying.” They all said they would want their friends in all of their classes. Some wanted stability for things and others didn’t want it at all. Jamal had a very nice way of placing his answers in a formal way for example,” Of course the school has to be in order in some way.”

People have many different opinions on what their school would be like. I honestly like the way my school is right now. It’s really not that bad even though my dream school is way better to picture.


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