Perfect School by Jeremiah Wiley

Jeremiah, Writer

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My perfect school would be like a big building.  It would have 2 parts a gym and the other part would be classes. There would be 8 math classes, 8 English classes, 5 science classes, 5 history classes, and 1 pe class. The amenities would include a basketball court, pool, football field, and a baseball field. The classes would include normal everyday classes like science, English, history, and math. The cool or fun classes would be drama, cooking, criminal justice, newspaper, archery, pottery, engineering and design, and game design. There would be a couple of rules. Turn in your assignments on time, be respectful, listen, and don’t be tardy. Lastly LUNCH, lunch would be school cooked meals. Monday you would have the choice of café rio, Tuesday Pizza hut, Wednesday Olive Garden, Thursday Popeyes, Friday Panda Express. And the other choices would vary.  Also, the school would start at 9:00 and end at 3:30. This would be my dream school.

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