Are Tabb Sports Worth It?

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Most students know that Tabb Middle School has sports teams for boys and girls, but being on the team is more than just staying after and playing a game. You have to pay for your jersey and buy some of your own equipment. So what do the players think? Are Tabb Middle School sports worth it?

Due to the rain this past week I have not successfully been able to attend any games myself, but I have been able to speak with the 2 of TMS’s softball players. Also due to the rain I have not been able to receive any photos. Heads up to the players and TMS softball/baseball fans because the game scheduled for April 27 has been placed as weather-make ups, Monday May 1st , and Thursday May 4th!

So some students who don’t play Tabb sports wonder should they play? Before you start playing, you may want to know if the investment is worth it. Why would it be worth it? You and your team can build your teamwork skills by learning to work and play together, and you learn new things like how to properly play the specific sport you signed up for. Some of the cons to being on a Tabb Middle school sports team is that you have to bring your own materials, pay for your own jersey, and deal with the risk of getting injured.

Emily Angel is a great part of the TMS softball team, she is in the 7th grade and she works hard every practice and games. “What I like about TMS sports is the fact that there are so many different sports you can play. Also, how you build friendships with people that you may or may not know. There are benefits. For example, have more friendships, learning how to be a team player, and you learn about teamwork. If I could I would not change anything. I like my sport just the way it is.”

Anna Behmer is a part of the Tabb Rumble Newspaper and is also a part of TMS’s softball team. “I like playing for TMS’s softball team. I would say it’s worth my time because I can learn and make new friends. Yeah you have to buy your own supplies, but otherwise everything is great. I like working with my teammates and I like becoming a family with them.”

As the players said, Tabb Middle sports are worth your time. You may have to buy a few things to prepare, but the award of the hard work is something you will enjoy.


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Are Tabb Sports Worth It?