Track & Cross Country, What’s so great?

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Madison Lind: Hi, i’m Madison Lind, and today i will be interviewing people on why attendance has dropped in cross country and track, as well as what makes people now love it so much. Please enjoy!




M: Hey anna.

A: Hi!

M: So what do you think makes someone really passionate about track?

A: Well you’ve gotta love the sport. You can’t just get out there and run, you have to be out there to do what you love.

M: so do you have a role model in cross country or track?

A: Yes, her name is Jennifer, she won in the top 3 in the olympics last year in the women’s 600. She was the first american women to ever do that so she’s kind of a role model to me.

M: Alright so, what do you think can make somebody love what they do.

A: So in order to love what you do, you have to have goals and a reason. You can’t just go out there and do it, it has to make you feel good.

M: Alright so, last question. What do you think, well how do you apply what you know in cross country to yourself?

A: well theres two, in track you’ve got to stay in your lane. In cross country, you have to keep going, even if its hard.




M: So what do you think is most important about not giving up in track or cross country?

Illiana: Well, if you give up you’re just telling yourself you can’t do it. and thats not okay.




M (Vo): As you can tell, this sport is actually a very well-loved sport. Unfortunately though, attendance has dropped in the last year, due to inactivity of people not wanting to run, do work, or not be part of the crowd that their friends are in. Fortunately though, there are many cross country and track teams, all along your school. You should sign up around you, or you should try practice instead of actual track or cross country.

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Track & Cross Country, What’s so great?