Who will fall in this years finals?

Duane Jackson, Reporter

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The NBA finals is finally here and it may be the biggest one yet. The finals is approaching to its end and many people are unsure at this point who will take the win. Will it be the Cavs who are currently lacking in defense, lazy, and tired or the Warriors who are well alert, defensed, scoring plenty, and smooth? Currently, the Cavs are not doing too well, but these same events happened to the Cavs in last years final and the Cavs ended up taking the championship home. Currently, in the finals LeBron James is really the only player on the Cavs that is doing the hardest work due to the fact that both Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are out of the finals due to injuries. Unfortunately, these days it isn’t enough just for LeBron James to do all the hard work. LeBron is a lot older now and unfortunately, can’t even play more than 45 minutes in a game.

Also, the reason the Cavs may fall and get dusted with no wins because Kevin Durant is doing extremely better in the game and can play extremely longer. This years final is basically exactly like last years finals. The Cavs were falling, not looking well, and the Warriors had won three games and only lost one. This exact same thing could happen in this years final because the Warriors are looking somewhat comfortable against the Cavs. The Cavs could easily realize what they’re here for and what they can accomplish and easily win the finals in game seven.


For the Warriors it looks as if they got this final in the bag. They can even climb back up to the top and win a game even if they’re losing tremendously which is something that the Cavs lack. The Cavs can’t climb back after they have been defeated or in a bad place in the game. In game three the Cavs were in the lead by six points in the last few minutes of the fourth quarter and it looked as if the Cavs could win their first game in the finals, but not quite. With the Warriors having two greats on their team, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant they were able to put up a total of eleven points together, steal the Cavs lead, and ended up winning the game. The Cavs could’ve either prevented that or take back the lead again, but didn’t. Also in game four in the finals the Warriors could’ve easily won the finals, but it they didn’t. It looked as if they were too comfortable thinking that they could win, but they didn’t and in the future it could cause them the whole finals. At this point of the finals it’s completely hard to tell which team will win this years final. All we can do is sit back and watch each team dominant each other.

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Who will fall in this years finals?