Hello, my name is Elizabeth. I’m in 8th grade and I go to Tabb Middle School. My favorite subject in school is science and my least favorite is gym. My favorite subject is science because we get to do cool labs and experiments. My least favorite subject is gym is because I don’t like exercising but the nice part is that I get to talk to my friends the whole time. My favorite teacher is Mr. Lusher because he lets us talk whenever he is not giving instructions and he’s humorous.

I am an only child in my family and I enjoy it because I’m more likely to be spoiled and I won’t need to share with another person. I’ve lived in Yorktown, Virginia my whole life but I would like to travel around the world when I grow older. If I were to travel, I would go to Italy because of the beautiful destinations and the delicious pizzas and spaghetti's. I don’t own any pets because I lack responsibility but I’ve had a couple fishes when I was seven. I like to binge watch on Netflix during my free time and I also nap a lot.

My favorite movie is Shrek and my favorite TV show is The Office. Reading isn’t what I enjoy the most but I wouldn’t mind it if there was an audio playing. I’ve played the piano for nine years and my favorite genre is classical and my favorite composer is Bach. School is one of the things that I dislike most because the hours are long, having to wake up early every morning, there’s more school work after getting out of school, and we can’t talk in class.

My favorite season is fall because it’s not too cold and neither too hot. Summer is my second favorite season because I get three months of break and it’s the perfect time to go to the pool. The third season I like most is spring because the bright colored flowers bloom but it’s the allergy season so it’s not fun always sneezing. I dislike winter the most because sometimes it can get too cold and everyone gets sick very easily.


Elizabeth Dinh, journalist

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