About two years ago, in 2232, three different animals were crossbreed, creating an entirely new species. The seagull, cockroach, and a raccoon. They are known as the seaocoon. A German scientist, by the name of Adolf Schwan, created the seaocoon. It has the neck and up of a seagull, the torso of a cockroach, and the tail of a raccoon,

After being created, the seaocoon was locked in cave for being too hideous. Then, on one faithful day, a solider from the Brailian Empire (because that’s a thing now) opened the cage. No one knows why he did what he did, but most just think it was an impulsive action.

The seaocoon flew away to a village in Germany known as Landstuhl. The small village is located a couple of miles from Kaiserslautern. The town is half-surrounded by trees and mountains. The house in Landstuhl were very old, much like the castle on one of the mountains. And in that castle, the seaocoon made a nest using pieces of scrap cloth from the castle.

The seaocoon is a very peaceful creature. It never tried to harm anyone unless they were trying to attack the castle. And if that was the case, the seaocoon would shout in a deep Satan-like voice, “Get out! This is not yours and if you proceed to not listen, I will get you.”

All of the people attacking listened, except Nova Castran. “I’ll pass,” Nova had said.

“Aca-xuse me? That’s not how it’s supposed to play out.”

“Well, it’s how it’s going to play out.” Nova continued forth into the castle as the seaocoon flew down and landed behind her.

“Stop,” whines the seaocoon, dragging out the ‘o’.

Nova looked around the room, trying to find out where the voice came from. She looks down and behind her to see the seaocoon. “What in the name of apple sauce? What is this fugly beast before me?”

“Excuse me? I’m a seaocoon and I’m the one talking.” The seaocoon’s wings fluttered as it talked and its beak opening and closing

“You’re not so scary.” Nova stares intently at the beast. “Just a mess.”

“Okay, that’s it.” The seaocoon starts to flap its wings until it was about five feet off the ground. It dives forward, trying to hurt Nova for her rudeness.

“Really?” Nova says sarcastically before slapping the seaocoon at the last second.

“NO!” screeches the seaocoon. “I AM DYING!”

“Then die.” Nova raises her foot over the torso and smashes it down. And that was the last of the seaocoon, the protector of the castle.


Evelyn Lakkala, Writer

Feb 13, 2019
Keeping Up With Tabb Middle School Lockers by Evelyn Lakkala (Story)