My name is Jamal I'm African American and Indian. I am in the eighth grade, I go to Tabb Middle School, I have been in the York county area my whole life. I play football, basketball for my middle school and run track for the Tabb high school JV team.  

My favorite school subject is math or science because without math you can't use science and I also would like to know formulas for things in life.  my favorite food is probably macaroni and cheese. Christmas is one of the best holidays because it gets all your family together and you can have a good time and you get presents for the ones you care for. The other best holiday is Halloween because you can go out late at night with your friends and get candy and have a good time, you also dress up into anything you want to. I live with my mom and my sister who is 4 and very sweet.  

In the summer I go to my dad's house in Memphis Tennessee to visit him and family. When I grow up, I would like to be in the one of the branches in the government. My favorite clothing brand is Jordan or Nike because its comfortable and its cheap and affordable. Nike and Jordan have shoes for running basketball and casual wear. thier shoes and clothing are very durable. This was just a little about me I hope you enjoyed.

Jamal Thomas, Writer

Jun 06, 2019
The Wonderful Courtyard by Jamal Thomas (Story)