I am Jeremiah. I am 13 years old I live somewhere in Virginia. I am an athlete. I play basketball, football, and baseball. I have lived in Virginia for 2 years and I moved from Hawaii. I have 3 brothers and no sisters. In my free time I like to go outside or play on my Xbox. I was born in Georgia in 2005 then moved to Florida then Hawaii now I am here. My hobbies are playing basketball, going outside, and playing videogames.

I was born in Hinesville Georgia on 2005. I lived there for like 2 years then moved to Jacksonville Florida. In Jacksonville is where I spent most of my early life. There I learned how to ride a bike, made friends, and also learned how to play basketball, and baseball. I stayed there for 6 years and then moved to Hawaii. Hawaii was different than most places I have lived in. You are isolated in the middle of the ocean. They don’t have a chick-fil-a they don’t even have golden corral. I lived on the island of Oahu. There was when I first started playing football. I was naturally good at it. I had like 2 touchdowns a game do to the fact I was just fast but I wasn’t strong at all. Then I moved here were I started really getting serious about basketball. Now I am still playing basketball and I am really good. This is a short bio of me.


Jeremiah Wiley, Writer

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