My name is JT P. I currently live in Yorktown VA, but I was born in Richmond. At the age of three my mom, dad, sister, and I moved to San Angelo Texas. We stayed there for seven years, and my mom, sister, and I moved back to Yorktown to be closer to my family. I love to draw and make comics. I wish to get a degree in either animation or comic art, so I can work at Walt Disney animation studios, or marvel comics Inc. In New York city.  

I have one dog; his name is Hugo and he Is an adorable cocker spaniel. (the cutest ever if I do say so myself) I am thirteen years old and am in the seventh grade. Some people I look up to are Walt Disney, and Stan Lee, for their creativity, artistic talent, and awesome business skills. I hope to be as big a name as them some day. Until then, I must keep moving forward. Perseverance makes any good person. Without it, we would get nowhere. 

There is a good quote by Martin Luther King Jr that pretty much sums up success, “if you can't fly, run, if you can't run, walk, if you can't walk, crawl but whatever you do, keep moving forward.” no one ever said life was going to be easy, but you can only find joy in life if you trudge through the trouble, and the hardships. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, you just need to find it. That light may be different for different people, to some it is fame, for others, it might be a family and a good home.  

Regardless of what our goals are, your number one goal at the end of life is to be content with what you did, and with what you have accomplished. That is the peace we all need in the end. I encourage you not to stop persevering, no matter what happens, if not for you, for your loved ones. Just keep moving forward. That is the oath that I live by, and it has gotten me this far. See how it works for you. That isn’t to say don’t have fun, that is what keeps us going. Without friends and family, were like a single soldier fighting an army. Most of this article has not actually been a biography, I don’t like to talk to myself, because not a lot goes on in my life. I’m not going to go on about something boring, like what I got for Christmas, that isn't a biography... neither is this. So, I went on a tangent, let me get back to the beaten path. 

My favorite subject is science, my science teacher is Mrs. Shaske. I also like to sew, which I am horrible at. (there are holes in all the pillows I make. My sister is 10 and the reason I live in Virginia is because my parents are divorced. My dad lives in Texas with my step mother and my half-brother, Eli. He is cute and makes the funniest faces, so I take pictures and turn them into memes. My dad is retired Air
Force, he retired because of medical reasons. He used to ride bulls, and all the getting thrown off and shaken did a number on his back. There were two discs in his spine that rubbed together until the cartilage dissolved, and bone on bone hurts. Especially in your spine, you can’t just take pressure off it like a knee or anything, it holds your body together. So now he works in an office that I don’t know the name of, doing a job that I don’t know anything about. 

My dog is three years old, and he has mostly white fur, with gold ears, gold tail, and spot on his back. He likes to act like a little human, and we kind of spoil him, but it’s okay, because he's adorable. He is like my little brother, and he follows me everywhere in the house. One time we accidentally left the back-yard gate open, so he escaped and ran to the front yard, where we found him sitting by the door patiently. It was cool, and he doesn’t ever run away. Probably because we treat him like a really hairy baby. I think he is perfect, and I love him a whole bunch. Sometimes I'll get home after a bad day at school and see Hugo sitting on the couch, and he’ll make everything better. But yeah, that is my life story and advice, and doggy details. That’s all I got, hope your satisfied with it all. 




John Pelofske, Writer