Hi my name is Joshua jones and this is a little autobiography about me. I grew up on the bad side of Newport News or you could call it the projects. It was a pretty bad place but I adventully got out of there but the things that happened wouldn’t leave my mind. But enough of that I am a student athlete I was on the football team but sadly the season is over. I have 5 siblings there all brothers we love to fight and play around. And we all play sports I also race as one of my hobbies it pretty dangerous but fun beside the fact when u run into another racer and the type of racing I do is motocross. I have a pit bull and a Doberman. The pitbull's name is Shadow and the Dobermans name is Lynx.  They're both puppies but pretty big; it’s a little scary but fun to have to big dogs. My age is 14 and I’m an 8th grader at Tabb middle. People love to ask me what I’m mixed with. I am mixed with black, white, and Puerto Rican, but I only know a little bit of Spanish myself. In my opinion, I think it’s pretty sad because my mom speaks it fluently. And that’s my little autobiography.

Joshua Jones, Writer

Feb 26, 2019
Locker Description by Josh jones (Story)