Hello my name is Kendall H and I used to have 1cat while my parents had 2 cats and a dog, when I was about 3 years old. But one of the cats ran away for 2 weeks and found squished on the middle of the road. When I was about 7, the youngest cat had a Blatter infection and died on the way to the hospital. A year ago my 13 year old full blood brindle boxer died of old age, and all that’s left is a 14 year old Turkish cat. I play the flute in intermediate band (2 years) and is thinking if I should go for next year. I love to draw anything that is creative or random, also I still haven’t found my true art style yet. My favorite subject in school isn’t just one so far, its band, art, and lunch. Band is fun because I can play an instrument, art is fun because we can do all sorts of things in art, and finally lunch is more like recess if you give it more thought. I am a very shy person when it comes to people I don’t know. It’s really hard to explain because you might see me not shy around a new face but is around someone else, it’s also because of my zodiac sign, Taurus.

I like arts and crafts but it depends on what it is. I moved from New Jersey to here 4 years ago and I like it here in Virginia. I grew up as an only child for most of my childhood. I honestly hate presenting to the class or as a group because I feel there pressure and my pressure. I was born in Oklahoma City while a thunder storm was arriving and an argument between two nurses. I love to play video games like Minecraft, Roblox, and outlast ex. I love watching anime not only because of their drawings and art style is good, it’s also because of the story plot line into it. I like comedy anime most of the time. I have a very large family on my dad’s side because my Great Granny Tea gave birth to 13 kids back in 1931. English is the subject my grades suffer the most in, I’ve tried studying and preparing for a reading test but I end up with a 27%. I don’t concentrate well when the room is loud. I need glasses whenever I am put into the back of the class and if the board is lit with sunlight and the ceiling light making it hard to read. The most music I listen to are electric music. And that is basically it, thank you for reading my bibliography!



Kendall Hay, Writer