Hi, I’m Liberty. I’ve lived in 4 different states, Iowa, Washington, Florida, and Virginia. I was born in Iowa. When I moved to Washington my younger brother was born, he is 7 years old now. In Florida, I played soccer for about a year, although my favorite sport is volleyball. I moved to Virginia in 4th grade and I’ve been here ever since. I lived in Iowa for 3 years, Washington 4 years, Florida 4 years, and as for Virginia this is my 4th year living here. My dad is in the military so I move a lot. My favorite place I’ve lived in so far is Virginia because it’s where I’ve met most of my best friends and it has a lot of history here, which is fun to learn about. I didn’t like living in Florida that much, because of the weather. It never snowed and was always very humid.

I have quite a few pets, 8 in total. I have 2 hermit crabs, a ferret, 2 dogs, 2 horses, and a cat. My hermit crabs names are Peach and Plum, the two dogs are Tex and Cona, the ferrets name is Doug, the 2 horses are Ricky and Rocky, and the cat is called Boo Kitty because she’s black and somehow scary to people. My brother wants a pet hamster but that is most likely not going to happen, because my dad doesn’t like having those type of animals in the house, plus my brother isn’t very responsible. Doug, my ferret, lives with my mom, because like I said before, my dad doesn’t like those types of animals.  Outside of school, I mainly hangout with my friends outside, watch TV, go shopping, or sleep. In school, I have a lot of classes with my friends. To the teachers it may seem that I’m not paying attention because I always talk to my friends but I actually am. I get mostly A’s, but every now and then I’ll get a B. My favorite class was either Criminal Justice or Forensic Science. Now my favorite is just regular science, because those two classes are over. In school I am not very talkative if I’m not with my friends, because that’s just how I am.I can be an athletic person at times, during P.E. I don’t try that much unless it’s a fitness test. I have P.E. 3rd block and by then I am pretty tired, so I don’t put in as much effort. I love volleyball, but I would never play for a team. I mostly just play with my friends when we hangout. I don’t want to play on a team because I don’t like being watched while playing and during games people would watch, so I just stick to playing with all my friends when we hangout.


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