I just moved here to Virginia from Guam, and it was a big change. Meeting new people for the first time is always fun for me.  I’ve lived in five places so far (California, Mississippi, Idaho, Guam, and now Virginia). I was born in California. My favorite sport that I have played is basketball. I started playing when I was five years old and I have loved it ever since then. Other sports I enjoy are volleyball, softball, gymnastics, and etc. Lavender is my favorite color at the moment it’s just so cheerful and bright. My goal is to graduate high school attend UCLA (or any other good college) go to school and then become a pediatric nurse.

In Idaho I was a really skilled gymnast, but now I mostly play basketball and volleyball, because I’ve out grown gymnastics. My favorite place I have lived so far was Idaho. Idaho was very dry but in other part it was really pretty. For instance they have beautiful trees and how my family owns a big cabin up in the mountains. They also own a farm, but it’s just crops. I also think it is really amazing that my great grandfather started out the church my whole family goes to today.

Guam on the other hand was really pretty. The ocean had many different beautiful colors of blue. Some areas you could describe as a third world country though, but besides that the island was very exciting. There you could zip line through rivers, go on a riverboat, enjoy shows by the beach side, go jet skiing, paddle boarding and more. My most memorable moment there was when my friends and I went kayaking in the river and one of the kayaks sunk. After that we all swam in the river having a good time. Another one was kayaking in the ocean to get to a secret beach that had a lot of sea glass. Sea glass comes in many different colors brown, green, blue, red, and black. The rarest color to find is red and black.

I started playing volleyball last year and so this was my second year playing. I played for my school, Andersen Middle School, and was a right side hitter. Now my new coach has me as setter. I’m not a good setter though, but she thinks I have potential at it.



Makayla Wilson, staff