Hello, my name is Matthew. I’m in 8th grade here at TMS, and I was born in Reston, Virginia, on March 3rd, 2005. At a very young age, my family moved from Reston to Newport News, which is where we live now. I have a sister who is 16 years old, and just got her license. She goes to Menchville High School, which also happens to be where my mom teaches. My dad, on the other hand, enjoys doing more hands on activities, and has been a lacrosse coach ever since he graduated from college. He currently is running a travel lacrosse program called the Peninsula Patriots. I have not gotten involved with lacrosse, and don’t plan on it. Lacrosse is one of the only sports that do not interest me. My two favorite sports are basketball and baseball. Aside from sports, I also enjoy superheroes, (both movies and comics) writing, visiting family in Baltimore and going on walks in my neighborhood.

My first love for as long as I can remember is sports. As I mentioned my two favorites are basketball and baseball. I enjoy watching college basketball with my dad, and also, I am a huge fan of the NBA. My two favorite college basketball teams are Maryland and North Carolina. Mt dad grew up in Maryland so his fandom has rubbed off on me. In the NBA, my favorite player has always been Kevin Durant, even though my favorite team is the Boston Celtics. My love for the NBA is so great that two of my friends and I have started a YouTube channel called the Debate Mates, which is a show/podcast centered around talking about the NBA. I also love the Baltimore Orioles, because of my family ties to Baltimore.

One of my other favorite things is superheroes. I have always loved them because they are inspiring, and help throughout hard times. My favorite superhero movie is Infinity War, though I also enjoyed the newest Spider-Man movie and both of the Ant-Man installments. DC movies aren’t so great, but I do prefer there shows, such as The Flash and Arrow. My favorite Marvel hero is Captain America and my favorite DC hero is the Flash. My Uncle is an artist, and designed a superhero based off of myself, so his passion for heroes has helped to keep mine going, though I doubt it would have gone away without that. Not everything I watch is hero related though. One of my favorite shows of all time is The Office. My favorite episode is “Dinner Party,” and if you have seen it, you would know why. It’s hilarious.

Another one of my hobbies is writing. One of my favorite classes is English, and last year I took Writers Round table, which I very much enjoyed. I love to write stories and reviews. My favorite genre of story is mystery, because it keeps you involved in the writing process. I want to go to college for sports journalism, because I really want to be a NBA commentator when I grow up. I want to go to UNC and hopefully, cover the basketball team.

My final two things I love are going to Baltimore and walking. Baltimore is not glamorous, yet is one of my favorite cities in the world. I love the Hamdens and of course the harbor. I love visiting my family in Baltimore too. My final thing to do is walking. It gives me the opportunity to go outside and talk to family and friends on the phone.  Alright. So that’s all there is to know about me. I hope you all enjoyed and I look forward to writing more for the TMS Newspaper.

Matthew Swanenburg, Writer

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