The Tabb courtyard is a beautiful getaway for students, located near the TMS art room. For newspaper class, me and my classmates were given the chance to look around said courtyard and examine all of its beauty. 

The Tabb courtyard is hidden behind two black doors, which are positioned at the back of the art room. After you open the doors, a field of beauty ensues. The most eye-catching part of the courtyard is the pond, located by the back wall of the courtyard.  

There are many remarkable features to be seen in the pond. The pond is surrounded by a rock pathway, which has a bench and an animatronic owl placed on it. In the pond, multiple fish swim around, getting their water supplied from a green hose. Also surrounding the pond are multiple yellow flowers. Speaking of flowers, the courtyard has some beautiful scenery. Namely multiple trees, bushes and flowers. 

The Tabb courtyard is a beautiful getaway for students of Tabb. The courtyard has many beautiful features, and I wish I was able to visit it more often! 



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