My name is Skylar M. I have moved around quite a bit during grade school. Firstly, moving from North Carolina to Alabama. Then from Alabama to Kansas; Kansas to Texas; and finally, Texas to Virginia.

My interests are mostly focused around technology such as IT and programming. I look forward to starting huge projects in the future. I’ve already started some in NodeJS and Java and will also be starting one in C/C++. I like doing this so much because demand in programming and other tech-related jobs is rising as our reliance on technology is growing and maybe someday, one of my projects with be used by millions. I also have an interest in fixing computers and other small electronics whether it be software or all the way down to the hardware.

Animals aren’t one of the things I’m in interested in, but I own one small Yorkie named Lola. We’ve had her for about six years now and she’s seven years old. Lola also picks up her food bowl when it’s empty, or at least when she thinks it is, and bring it to you. She’ll even do the same with her water bowl while spilling water on the floor. Lola also brings her harness to you whenever she wants to go on a walk or get in her cage when she thinks we’re about to leave.

Some of my other interests are playing video games, mainly action and adventure/story-driven ones, and going outside. One of my other small interests is writing. Not exactly writing stories or novels, but reporting on news. News such as new revelations in technology and science. I think that this class will help me become a better writer/reporter and better my skills for future jobs.

Skylar McCauley, Writer

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