James the Wolf, also called Mr. Midnight, turns on the police siren. He drifts a sharp turn, hitting the gas pedal to get closer to the suspect. James runs into the left corner of the suspects’ car, spinning the car out. James walks out of the car, points a gun at the two most wanted people in the city.

James wakes up to the sound of an alarm clock going off. James hits the alarm clock and sits up in the bed. He turned twenty years old a week ago and can finally start his first day as an officer. His friends Tyler, Lesley, and Harry has supported his dream on becoming an officer, but his girlfriend, Jae, supported him and his dream the most. He stands up and puts the police suit over his furry grey body. He’s the first ever wolf officer in America.

He drives the car and turns into the parking lot of the station. He walks through the doors as everyone looks at him welcoming. Everyone reads his name tag and says, “Hello Mr. Midnight!” and shakes his paw. James walks into a room with all the other cops and listens to the officer talking to everyone. Her name is Zaelee.

“I understand we have a new officer today and that this may be a bit overwhelming for you.” She explains while staring at me, “but we have to get two very wanted criminals known for robbery, murder of innocents and some of the police department. All we know about them is that they are partners in crime and probably in a relationship as we did see them kiss after one of their successful robberies on cameras.” She lets them all know.

Midnight walk out and get into my police car. He then sees a car drive past me fast with bullet holes in the side of the door. He turns on my siren and get on their tail hoping to spin them out. They drift tightly around the turn as Midnight does the same. He hits the left corner of the car spinning them out into a lamp post. He then sees Lesley and Tyler walk out of the car and points out his gun and yells, “You’re under arrest!”

Lesley yells at James and runs while holding Tyler’s hand and escapes. James lays on the ground breathing heavily from the emotional pain.

Tyler Brodhead, Writer

Apr 18, 2019
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