Hey. My name is Tyler B, and let’s say my life has had a lot of weird and interesting things. I had plenty of mess ups and good things happen to me. (More mess ups) I myself am okay with it and used to it. I was born in Virginia, but lived in New Jersey, Florida, and I’m back here. But here are a few of my hobbies and things about myself.

I’m that skater kid at school who is really only known for skateboarding and that’s it. Unless you are really close you probably don’t think I would do anything, but skate. (Here’s a hint: Most of my time is spent skating) I also do rapping. My girlfriend and I actually do karaoke together. I do Mike Shinoda’s (rapping) part of Linkin Park songs while she does Chester Bennington’s (singing and screaming). We want to form a band with a few of our other friends and so far we memorized the songs In the End, Breaking the Habit, A Place for My Head, Paper cut, and Nobody’s Listening. I can’t free style, so don’t ask. I obviously like any sort of rock. I will listen to 70s rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, etc. My favorite three bands are Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, and Nonpoint. Nonpoint as especially under rated. I am a gamer, but I have cut it back a bit. I used to want to be a Game Designer, but I grew out of games a bit and now am focusing on rapping and skating.

I do not plan on going to college in the future. I want to become a professional skateboarder and I don’t need to go to college for that. If that doesn’t work I would most likely want to be in a rock band. If I did become a skateboarder, I would want to be sponsored by Revive (Deck), Venture (Trucks), Spitfire (Wheels), Nike SB (Shoes), and 4 Star (T-Shirts). I really don’t have that much interesting about my life. That’s really all that I have to say about myself. I hope you enjoyed reading about me.


Tyler Brodhead, Newspaper Writer