The perfect school. I bet every single kid has had a thought in their school and said in their head, “If I was running things here, it would be so much better.” I’ve had this thought and most likely almost every student has had this thought. This is my idea if I made my own school and what it would be like and how I would set the rules.

The outside of the school would probably have a large wooden logo that says, “Primitive Middle,” in the middle of a large side walk and the side walk will lead into six stair step. When you walk up the six step, you walk into the doors in the school which has three floors and a nice red, white, and black color on the outside. It would have wooden benches in front of green grass and colorful flowers. The doors would be glass.

On the inside of the school there would be hallways coated in the same white, black, and red color. There would be blue lockers with a black number on it with the lock that students have to put their passcode. There will be a shelf on top and bottom of the locker. After that the students will have to walk up the stairs or not to go to their classes.

The classes in the school for the main full year would be Math (Algebra or Geometry), English, Science (Biology, Chemistry, or Earth), History (Civics, Economics, or U.S. History), and P.E. (a.k.a Gym). The world languages would be Spanish, French, Latin, German, Chinese, Italian, American Sign Language, Japanese, and Russian. The electives would be Programming and Game Designing, Public Speaking, Writer’s Roundtable, Reader’s Roundtable, Mass Media, Music (gets to pick their own genre like Rock (Metal, Alternative, etc.), Classical, Rap, Dubstep, Pop, etc. and they would also be able to form a band or go solo), S.T.E.M, Skateboarding, and plenty more.

The rules for the school would be a bit different than a normal school. Hats would be allowed if wanted to be worn. We would allow phones when they are completed with all their work, but if they are caught using them during school work then it will be confiscated (unless given permission to). The rules would be the same as other schools though. No cursing, no fighting, etc.

That is a little bit about what I would like for my dream school and how I would run things. It is simple, but nice. Thank you for reading


Tyler Brodhead, Writer

Apr 18, 2019
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