Library Times: Not Enough?

Is the amount of time we visit the library... enough?

The school library… one of my favorite places, well, one of my only favorite places. It’s quiet, serene, and best of all, there are books! What’s more to love? With enough books to last the average person months, and the coziest cushions in existence, wouldn’t it be nice to spend more time there? But that’s exactly what’s not happening. Me and many others agree that the amount of time we spend on the library is just not sufficient.


Surely we should spend more time in the library than twice a month. Going to the library once every two weeks is incomprehensible. And I’m not the only one who agrees with me. 71% of all the people who took a poll agree that teachers don’t allow enough class time for the library.


Books are a great thing. Novels, comics, biographies, documentaries, and more! Books have also been scientifically proven to lower stress levels and improve your mind. With the rising immersion in the internet network, wouldn’t it be nice to just detach yourself from the world? And that’s exactly what books can do. So you can see why it is aggravating for me to watch so few people to enter the library. Why don’t many people visit the library? Because teachers won’t let us.


Let’s start with the annoying “at my old school” phrase. At my old school, we were allowed to visit the library every other day, provided we got our work done. At this school, every other week? Is this even feasible? Two weeks doesn’t sound like that much, but with the sluggish days of school, it totally is. Even once a week is an improvement in this system. Some people read fast, and every other week just isn’t enough. With the school end coming to a close, there should be plenty of time over the summer to fix all of this, so what are we waiting for?

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