Was the Civics City Bazaar, Bizarre?

Anna Behmer, Reporer

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The 8th grade bazaar was in fact bizarre and surprising. The bazaar took place on Thursday, June 1st, in the main gym where eighth grade students could make a business and sell merchandise or walk around purchasing items from cupcakes to tie-dye shirts! Students had been informed about the project at the beginning of May and had a month to do the project. In order to do a certain business it had to be approved by the student’s Civics teacher. While the project was a grade and was important to the Civics teachers most students said that they thought of the project to be more of a fun end of the year project rather than a stressful project.  

“I thought of it as stressful at first but when it comes down to it all I think its going to be fun. ” Hannah Maltos, 8th grade.

40% of interviewed students did not find the project stressful but rather a fun end of the year eighth grade project, with only 10% said they were stressed. 30% of the students said they were only stressed at the beginning and 10% said they were only stressed towards the end. 42.9% of the students interviewed said that the bazaar was amazing, 42.9% said it was good, and 14.3% said it was bad and they did not enjoy it.


  “I wish it were a bit more organized but there really isn’t much the school could do. They did their best and I really liked the effort.”- said Vivien Bliss an eighth grader.

While only roughly 60% of students made a business there was a variety of booths. Some of the more popular booths were JAK Soul food, and Pizza Pie Inc.. While those were the most popular booths there were plenty other such as A1 Camera Fun (a photo booth), 9 ¾ Sweet Shop (selling butter beer, pencils, and chocolate frogs), Tiger Pride Bakery (cookies and cakes decorated in a Tabb Tiger Theme), and Cooklets (Cookies and bracelets). While the bazaar was an 8th grade sanctioned event, seventh graders were allowed to come. One seventh grader said-


“They were all amazing and fun to see. I want to say that I could see how much effort was put into each booth and that was really amazing!” Illiana Navarro.

In total, the bazaar was thought to be amazing, so it was in fact bizarre! With almost 90% of the students saying the bazaar was great, and almost 40% of students saying it wasn’t stressful whatsoever, and amazing booths, most all 7th graders are excited for the Civics City Bazaar next year!




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Was the Civics City Bazaar, Bizarre?