A Small Room of Life by Adrian Legarreta

Adrian Legarreta

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A Small Room Full of Life

You walk through the hallway, passed all the computer labs, you’ll see room 404, Ms.Aliff’s art room. When you walk through the room there’s a small area full of life, our courtyard, a small pond with surrounded by vegetation sits in front of the history class where Mrs. Green teaches the kids about civil rights. The pond’s fish dart around and you can only hope to catch a small glimpse of orange.

The courtyards rectangular shape captivates the experience with so many angles and shades of many colors where the only thing you feel is harmony amongst this rectangular small patch of land. Being surrounded by walls may sound like imprisonment, but in the courtyard you feel like you’re in a room that’s constantly alive. The pond is surrounded by stones and elevated just at the slightest so you have to step over the rocks to see the pond.

Though the court seems to have no purpose, it does serve purpose to the life there. It provides a home for the fish and growing area for the plant life. The rough rocks surrounding the pond provide shelter for small insects. Everything in the court yard has a purpose whether it’s small or big, it’ll still improve it. It may be a place to relax and sit in silence for a while.

The courtyard’s full of things that make it truly fascinating. The tall grass and blunt stones enclosing the pond area. The fountain that fills the pond makes a poring sound that encloses you in your own world. The pink and purple flowers fill the court yard with color, the trees provide shade around the pond, the field covered in green grass, and the even the fake plastic owl make this place amazing. I remember, during the winter, it snowed the tree was covered in pure white.




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A Small Room of Life by Adrian Legarreta