Call for a Courtyard Cleanup by Adeline Lawson

Adeline Lawson, Contributor

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Walk through Ms. Aliff’s art room, room number 404, in Tabb Middle School you can see the very bright courtyard through the windows. When walking through the black metal doors that separate the computers, books, pencils, and students from the living, tall, green grass, all the plants, and animals you are filled with compassion for all the living things because everything is compacted by four brick walls in the middle of a building filled with other manmade objects. Taking a step out of the door and you will see a lawn mower siting on a floor slab of rock hard concrete to your right. And when you look to your left you see a worn-out, wooden flower box with nothing but dead flowers overtaken by strong brown and green weeds. Looking right in front of you can see a bright, blue, big, round pool with plastic pieces of blue and pink pool noodles. Walking right next to the brick wall on your left side you will bump in to about seven blue and yellow tarps on another concrete slap. Turning at the corner and three steps you will trip over a 20 gallon clear plastic tub full with water and some bites of foam. In the middle, you can find two of the three trees worn out and sun beaten trees as while as one of the six bushes. On the far side of the courtyard you will see a small pond in about six feet in diameter covered with algae and plastic rappers, and every now and then you may see a little orange fish surface the water in search of clean water and food. The pond is surround by rocks too big to fit in your hand but not too big to carry with two hands. In between the pebbles there are green and yellow flowering long grass. Next to the pond there is a wood and metal bench on the right side of the fake owl to scare away predators of the fish and frogs. Many memories have been made out in the middle of the school, good and bad, there are still many thing students could do. You could help the courtyard by cleaning up the trash and moving the tools into a safer area. You could also have a class come out for about 15 minutes to do work. Tabb Middle school has many advantages with having a courtyard and its time we use them and help the earth.

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Call for a Courtyard Cleanup by Adeline Lawson