Courtyard Description by Lena Shandor

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I will begin this description in the art room. You walk past all the artwork drying on the counter and push through the metal, black double doors. And it is through those two doors that you will see the fascinating Tabb Middle School courtyard.

As you enter the courtyard, directly in front of you will be the miniature gardens, tools, and a small open space. If you look really closely at the gardens, you might even spot the tiny fairy house placed carefully between plants. Off to the side leaning against the wall are a few tools. There is also a red wheelbarrow parked over with the tools. In the middle of the open space stands a single, tiny, tree.

Once you move further into the courtyard you will see more plants. Surrounded by rocks are the beautiful Crepe Myrtle trees. There are also multiple bushes and flowers. As you scan this area of the courtyard one object will stick out. The smooth, bright blue, inflatable pool. You may wonder what its purpose is. I was also curious so I asked one of my classmates, Sam. She told me it is for the TMS Sea Perch Club. They use it for testing. Even though the pool looks out of place, I think it’s really cool that my school has given Sea Perch a testing area.

On the far side, opposite of the door, is where I will conclude my description. The main attraction in out courtyard is the pond. It is a small pond surrounded by rocks and reeds. In my opinion, the pond needs to be better maintained. Actually, so does the entire courtyard. Our courtyard is rarely used. Students are not allowed to go out there very often. In fact, we are not even allowed to look at it through the windows. I think that students should get ten minutes each block to spend time in the courtyard. This would help give the TMS courtyard more of a purpose.

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Courtyard Description by Lena Shandor