Tabb Middle School Court Yard by Lindsy Hill

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The courtyard at Tabb Middle is used for many reasons. There’s only one entrance to get there. Through room 404. Mrs. Aliffs art class. The door is at the back of the class. The courtyard is in the middle of the school and can be seen by many classrooms through the window.

Once you get out your eyes instantly shoot to the gigantic round blue pool that’s diagonal of you. It’s filled with water to the brim and there’s leaves and dead bugs floating on top. The pool is used for seaperch. If you look to the left of you you’ll see a red and black lawnmower. Right next to the lawnmower is a worn out red wheel barrel. There’s a green hose lying next to it. It looks like it hasn’t been used in a while the green has faded spots and dirt stains. There is three trees scattered around the courtyard and six shrubs. There’s another lawnmower diagonal from the other one pushed up against the brick wall. Beneath you is a small stone patio that you stand on when you walk through the black metal doors.

If you look past the pool you will see a pond. The color of the pond is a deep brown color with leaves and bugs floating to the top. Surrounding the lake is a rough pebble walk way sealed in by a hexagonal stone barrier. To the left and right of the pond is tall grass mixed in with vibrant yellow flowers. Leading to the pond on one side is a bumpy dirt path. In front of the pond is an old wood bench. Next to the bench is a detailed small owl. To the left of the pond pass the grass is a faded green frog.


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Tabb Middle School Court Yard by Lindsy Hill